Pre & Post Care for Med Spa Treatments in Scottsdale & Mesa AZ

Allure Medspa cares about your health and safety when receiving medical aesthetic treatments. Learn more below on how to prepare for your med spa appointments.  Call (480) 993-2218 or Request an Appointment Here.

Pre And Post Care

We value you as our client! We want to make sure you know everything you need for both before and after your procedure. Find all the information you need to know about Pre and Post Care related to your specific procedure on this page.

Before Any Injections, Botox, Fillers, Microneedling, PRP, Sculptra

  • Avoid Dental work 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after any filler procedures
  • Avoid any blood thinners like: aspirin, motrin, advil, ibuprofen, excedrin, aleve, naproxen, etc.
  • Let your nurse know if you are taking any blood thinners like alcohol, fish oil, and vit. E. If possible try to stop these about 1 week prior to treatment
  • Clients should only stop prescription blood thinners with their doctor’s approval
  • Being hydrated is crucial before PRP treatments and will help with the healing process of all treatments
  • Please arrive with no makeup on

Botox/dysport Post Care

  • Botox: Botox begins to take effect in 7-10 days and takes 2 weeks to hit its peak. Clinically it lasts 3-4 months.
  • Dysport: Dysport begins to take effect in 3-5 days and takes 2 weeks to hit its peak. Clinically it lasts 3-4 months. If additional units are needed, they will not be injected until the initial injections have hit their peak.

Immediately post treatment

  • Do not touch or massage the treatment area for 48 hours
  • Redness and bumps may be present for 30-60 minutes.
  • Bruising can occur and may last for about a week.
  • Arnica and/or bromelain can help any bruising or inflammation resolve quicker.

4 hours post treatment

  • Keep head upright for 4 hours, avoid laying down flat.
  • Makeup is okay after 4 hours; Applying makeup with clean hands and brushes will help decrease risk of infection.
  • Please do not use extreme pressure to apply cosmetics, lotions or serums.

24 hours post treatment

  • If forehead area is treated, do not wear hats, headbands, sweatbands etc. or use Clarisonic Brush to avoid migration of product.
  • No exercise for 24 hours
  • No hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, tanning beds, working out for 24 hours.
  • No vigorous washing, scrubbing or rubbing of treatment area- this includes facials, massages, Clarisonic face brushes, facial waxing, exfoliating scrubs etc.

Filler Post Care

Results are seen immediately with dermal fillers; however best results are seen 2-4 weeks after injections. This is because swelling, bruising and the dermal filler gel itself needs time to settle and heal. Fillers can last up to a year, but on average filler to areas around the mouth may last closer to 6-9 months. You will need to do touch ups to keep the filler looking its best.

We do NOT recommend flying after any filler treatment for the first 48 hours post treatment. This is to avoid undue swelling and bruising that seems to worsen in the pressurized cabin right after injections.

Immediately post treatment

  • No makeup for 6 hours
  • No working out for 24 hours
  • Ice may be applied GENTLY for swelling and tenderness. Do not keep ice on any one area for more than a few minutes.
  • Sleeping on your back with your head elevated on a few pillows will help with swelling.
  • Use of arnica or bromelain may help your bruises heal quicker.
  • Benadryl or Tylenol may be used as needed for itching/swelling/tenderness. Please follow the manufacturer’s directions for use.

Avoid for 2 weeks

  • No rubbing or massaging of the area (Unless otherwise instructed by your nurse).
  • Avoid getting a massage, facial, facial waxing, laser treatments.
  • Avoid Extreme cold or heat such as tanning beds, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas etc.
  • Keeping your head above your heart will help keep swelling and bruising from getting worse
  • Pressurized cabins of airplanes can cause swelling, tenderness and bruising.

What’s normal

  • Lumps, bumps, asymmetries, redness, swelling, bruising and slight tenderness after the lidocaine wears off.

What’s NOT normal

  • Blanching (paleness/tissue turning white)
  • Severe, throbbing pain
  • A dusky/blue tint with fine reticulations (lace like) appearance to areas well beyond the injection sites.

PDO Threading Post Care

  • It may take 2 weeks or longer for the treatment effect to be noticeable
  • Bruising and swelling is normal and expected – if bruising is visible you can start taking oral Arnica and apply topical arnica cream.
  • Asymmetry and irregularity of the tissues treated is common and will resolve
  • Pain at the injection site(s) is normal – this may last several days or even one week after treatment

What you need to do:

  • If you see any irregularity or puckering of the skin of the treated areas, you may gently massage those areas by applying a small amount of moisturizer and massaging in circular motions. You may repeat this 3 to 5 times a day.
  • If any of the threads are exposed or start to extrude, you can either gently pull on the thread to try to remove it or you may use fine scissors to trim the suture at the skin. If you are uncomfortable performing either of these maneuvers please contact your injector to have this performed in the office. Please notify your clinician if this occurs regardless of whether you are able to return to the office or not.
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours unless you are told otherwise by your clinician

When to call:

  • If you experience increased redness, swelling, or pain at an injection area
  • If one or more of the threads begin to extrude and you are unable or unwilling to remove the thread.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment, please call the office

Kybella Post Care

  • Have ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) and Zyrtec (an antihistamine) available at home for discomfort and itching that may result from the procedure.
  • After your treatment, you should expect swelling, bruising, and redness. You may also experience pain, numbness, and induration. This will normally last less than 5 days, and for some patients may last up to 14 days. If the symptoms continue beyond 10 days or if other reactions occur, please contact the office
  • You may elect to ice the area post treatment but must do so very carefully. Use an ice pack with the fabric side against the skin, or wrap a soft plastic ice pack in a wet thin towel. Apply the ice pack approximately 15 seconds on, and 15 seconds off. Icing too vigorously can cause frostbite and scarring. You may apply a cold compress to the area for 20 minutes per hour, and you may do this hourly for up to 3 days.
  • Do not participate in strenuous activity for 3 days following treatment
  • Sleep with your head elevated on at least 2 and preferably 3 pillows.
  • Do not scratch, pick or traumatize the area in any way. Do not massage or manipulate the injection site.
  • You may apply your normal skin care regimen and sunscreen normally.
  • Call the office if you have any difficulty swallowing, crusting or scabbing, asymmetry of your smile or any other unusual symptoms.

Sculptra Aesthetic Post Care

  • Have an ice pack ready
  • Give yourself a gentle facial massages
  • AVOID excess sunlight and UV exposure
  • Within the first 24 hours of treatment, apply a cloth-wrapped ice pack to the treated area for a few minutes at a time. Never apply ice directly to the skin. The cold will help reduce common swelling.
  • Massage the treated area in a circular movement for 5 minutes 5 times a day for 5 days after treatment as recommended by your physician.

Waxing Post Care

  • Schedule your next appointment before you leave. Keeping on a schedule will help you to maintain smooth skin and will greatly decrease the hair that grows back.
  • Avoid the sun the day of your waxing and make sure you use sun block.
  • If your prone to ingrown hair or at the first hint of one, do not wait until they become an issue to address them. Apply “Get the Bump Outta Here!” morning and night to keep them away.
  • Wait 48 hours, then continue exfoliating daily to rid yourself of the dead skin build up that will trap the hairs and cause ingrown hair.
  • If you get an infected ingrown use a q-tip and apply hydrogen peroxide to the area. This will kill the infection.
  • Do not pick! Picking causes scars.
  • Avoid sun, exercise, pools, hot tubs, saunas, or anything that will raise your core body temperature and cause you to sweat for 48 hours.

Facial Post Care

  • Because a facial pulls impurities deep within your skin to the surface, you may break out in the hours—or even days—following your treatment. Flushing and redness are common due to increased circulation in the face.
  • If you are not used to chemical exfoliation, you may experience some dryness or a tight feeling—especially around your nose and mouth
  • If you are not used to chemical exfoliation, you may experience some dryness or a tight
    feeling—especially around your nose and mouth
  • Avoid exfoliation or using any AHA or BHA products for several days
  • Remember, your skin is more vulnerable and sensitive, so give it a rest from:
  • working out
  • saunas or steam rooms
  • makeup (if you can!)
  • Stay out of the sun and wear SPF on your face daily
  • Don’t pick! Picking can cause scarring and/or hyper pigmentation

Vi Peel Post Care


  • Immediately after the peel your skin will appear as if you have a “tan” and may be slightly
    pink/orange and shiny.
  • Please wash your skin after 4 hours. You may apply a thin layer of post peel protectant
    (moisturizer included) as needed.
  • Also apply the SPF if it is still daylight hours.
  • 1 hour before bed, wash face with a mild cleanser, dry well, and apply one of the post peel
    towelettes to the peeled area.
  • If extreme itchiness, or uncomfortable irritation occurs, wash with cool water and take Benadryl


  • Cleanse skin with a mild cleanser and gently pat dry.
  • Continue to apply a light layer of the post peel protectant 2-4 times per day or as needed. Apply
    SPF after every application during daylight hours.
  • 1 hour before bed, wash face with a mild cleanser, dry well, and apply one of the post peel
    towelettes to the peeled area.
  • if extreme itchiness, or uncomfortable irritation occurs, wash with cool water.

DAYS 3-5

  • You will start the peeling process by seeing a slight sloughing of the skin, first around the
    mouth area, then in surrounding treated areas. Refrain from picking or pulling at the skin during
    this process.

DAYS 6-10

  • Continue to treat the skin gently, and do not scrub.
  • Avoid any facial treatments until the skin is no longer sensitive.
  • Resume any topical prescriptions (Retin A, Differin gel, Renova) when skin feels back to

It is very important that you follow the post peel instructions in your VI Peel Take Home Kit for the WEEK following your peel.