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Is the LIP FLIP right for you?

The lip flip is a quick in office procedure where our RN Injectors inject a small amount of botox into your cupid's bow, the middle of your upper lip as well as possibly the corners of your mouth.

The botox relaxes the muscles around the lip causing part of your upper lip, inside the

mouth, to "flip" upward and outward giving your lip a fuller look.

The lip flip may be the right procedure for you if:

-you want to achieve a fuller lip without using a filler

-you think your upper lip "disappears" when you smile

-you want your smile to show less of your gums

The lip flip procedure itself should only take about ten minutes. Afterwards you will most likely experience some swelling. This will go down in just a few days. Maximum results of the lip flip should appear 10-14 days after the procedure.

Our advice, before meeting with one of our highly skilled RN injectors think about what kind of look you want. Do you want defined edges of your lips? Do you want your lips to appear naturally plump or larger? No need to stress if you are uncertain. Our nurse injector will walk you thru your options and help you decide. That consultation time comes with every booked appointment. :)


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