PRP Therapy in Mesa, AZ

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PRP Treatments in Mesa, AZ

Allure Medspa is proud to offer Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to clients as one very effective method for improving the texture, tone, and general appearance of your skin. Because it uses your body’s own platelets to stimulate a natural form of rejuvenation, it is one of the safest and most effective means of skin treatment. In addition to restoring the natural glow to your skin, PRP treatments can also minimize acne scars, stretch marks, and other traumatic scars.

How The Treatments Work

The science behind PRP therapy is based on the fact that platelet-rich plasma can be drawn from the body and activated to promote natural growth factors in the body. These growth factors create a demand for protein production, which triggers the body into action to satisfy that demand. When the activated platelets are reintroduced into the body, the result is an increased production of eight critical proteins, including collagen. These proteins immediately begin restoring and repairing damaged cells at the injection site, which makes for a more vibrant appearance.

PRP Process

PRP will be introduced under the surface of the skin to treat sunken temples, loss of cheek volume, or hollows under the eyes. The process triggers a natural healing process which includes the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn produces a much more vibrant-looking appearance on your skin.

PRP Results

Results produced from PRP therapy are often spectacular because they make use of your body’s natural processes. Many patients quickly notice significant improvements in the areas of fine line reductions, blemish improvements, and the elimination of age spots and wrinkles. Another added benefit of this type of therapy is that there is virtually no chance for rejection or any kind of negative reaction by the body because it uses the body’s own materials.

Reverse Skin Damage And The Signs Of Aging

When you don’t want to use synthetic products and instead prefer a natural approach, then PRP is the solution for your aging skin. Contact the experts at Allure Medspa today at (602) 814-0667 to learn more about the benefits of PRP therapy for your skin.