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"mask"ne. It's Really Happening-

Of all the skin concerns it's acne that thrives in a humid environment likely to occur with repeated mask wearing. That's why even if you don't typically struggle with outbreaks you might be now. 

Our Allergan® partner SPOTLYTE recently published an article about how to keep your skin happy & healthy under a face mask. Given the "new normal" and the fact that we are predominately "skincare junkies" we thought we would share.

This article describes why chafing, acne, and dermatitis are triggered by the wearing of masks and suggests that increased exfoliating, peels and scrubs are ways to keep your pores clear during this time. Given this information we decided to run a SKIN BRIGHTENING special for the 4th of July. The details...schedule a facial on or before July 4th at either Allure location and you will receive a jelly mask and dermaplane FREE! Your cost for all three...$89. That's a 50% savings! Space is limited. Call to schedule and stay safe!


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