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New Beauty Awards Are Out

New Beauty just published their 10 Best Of In Office SkinCare Treatments plus one financing tip and it it reads well. From skin-resurfacing lasers and line-smoothing neurotoxins to noninvasive fat freezers and skin tighteners read what they think works REALLY well including Care Credit which Allure Medspa accepts!


It’s no surprise Jennifer Aniston credits Clear + Brilliant for her youthful glow—the fractional laser treatment can help minimize fine lines, large pores and discoloration in 20 minutes or less.


A customized treatment that cleanses, extracts and hydrates, HydraFacial has become a household name for its ability to deep-clean clogged pores while flooding skin with moisture.

THE BEST FILLER FOR LAUGH LINES When the lines around the mouth that result from a cheery disposition aren’t making someone feel so cheery, Restylane Refyne can soften them without altering their natural facial expressions.

THE BEST MUSCLE TONER Since gaining FDA-clearance last year, CoolTone has taken on the hard task of toning the abs, butt and thighs using magnetic muscle stimulation that results in next to no downtime.

THE BEST NONSURGICAL SKIN TIGHTENER One look at Christie Brinkley’s contoured jawline and you’ll get an idea of just how effective Ultherapy’s ultrasound-based skin tightening is—no needles, stitches or time off work required.

THE BEST NEUROTOXIN For 30 years, Botox Cosmetic has temporarily smoothed stubborn expression lines on the faces of CEOs, soccer moms (and dads), Hollywood A-listers, and everyone in between—and isn’t stopping now.

THE BEST FILLER FOR PLUMPER LIPS Natural-looking lip injections are not impossible to achieve thanks to Juvéderm Volbella, a hyaluronic acid filler that subtly plumps a thin pout and smooths out lines where lipstick tends to settle.

THE BEST PEEL The potent resurfacing acids—trichloroacetic, lactic and alpha-lipoic— in PCA Skin Ultra Peel help sun damage and fine lines hit the road so healthier skin can surface.


A good hand cream can restore moisture, but when it comes to volume loss, fillers are the way to go. Our favorite? Radiesse, which makes veins and crepiness less visible while boosting collagen over time.

THE BEST MICRONEEDLING TREATMENT Lutronic Genius takes radio-frequency microneedling to the next level with its high-tech, precise energy delivery, which stimulates collagen to eradicate wrinkles and enhance skin texture and firmness.

BEAUTY MADE EASY A credit card for beauty, health and wellness, CareCredit offers special financing on your favorite treatments and procedures with convenient monthly payments and no worries.


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